Genius Tricks To Make Your Perfume Last All Day

There are loads of mistakes about how perfume is supposed to be applied correctly. For instance, it is terribly wrong for you to go out with your outfit stained from your perfume application all because you did it wrong.

Using the right scent and applying it right is just about the last thing that adds the finishing touch to your outfit no matter how simple you choose to look. It has the ability to liven up your spirit and get you complements from admirers. It's quite different from a spray. A spray just gives scent to your body alone and is usually applied all over the body while the perfume's main function is to add fragrance to both you and your outfit.

There are key places to apply your perfume and it doesn't involve you applying it directly on your outfit. If you do that, please stop it. Do you know when you apply your perfume in the right places it spreads down to your outfit therefore your excuse that it won't be on your outfit is unfounded.

Follow these simple tricks and I promise you will smell heavenly and without stain to your outfit.

Where To Apply Your Perfume

• both sides of your neck
• on your wrists
• behind your ears
• on your collarbone
• inside your elbow
• behind your knee
• behind your back
• on your belly button

These spots are the pressure points of the body and are usually warm which makes perfume scent come out well. Do not use excess so you do not end up suffocating your neighbour, and avoid direct contact with the sun because this can cause the chemical components to change and so also the scents.

accepted space from skin for spraying perfume

It is not advisable to apply on hair for scent, I've seen people do this and I'm still always shocked at the reason for it. First of all, if you want your hair to have a pleasant smell, then make use of oils like coconut and almond.  Using perfume is kind of dangerous cause it contains alcohol which will end up damaging your hair.

No matter how expensive your perfume is, it cannot last all day, so try reapplying every four hours and keep smelling nice!

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