Healthy Living: Foods To Avoid A Week Before Your Wedding

The dress is bought, the final fitting has happened, your skin is co-operating, D-day is almost here - the last thing you want is to feel puffy and bloated as you walk down the aisle.

Don't fret, we have tracked down the biggest food perpetrators; just make sure you're calm, composed and comfortable when you walk down the aisle by avoiding these foods a week (I'd prefer two weeks) before the BIG day.

Salty Food

Salty foods are a definite no on the days leading up to your wedding. By all means, stay away from potato chips. Not only do they contain outrageous amounts of salt, ‘Once you pop the can, you can’t stop." Since sodium causes you to retain water, try to stay under 2,300 mg per day.


Processed sugar makes you gain weight. Your blood glucose spikes and you have a brief high, but then your energy drops, you get cranky and start craving more sugar. On top of that, it does your skin no favours – a dull complexion and breakouts are not cute for a bride. Therefore before heading down the aisle, cut back on sweet stuff — whether real or fake — and you'll find yourself feeling lighter and more energized.


The effects of beans are famous. They contain a complex sugar that can only be broken down by bacteria in the colon. By-product: gas, lots of it. The kind that will bring tears to the eyes of your guests as you walk down the aisle... for all the wrong reasons.

Fatty Foods

Get your eyes off the picture for a second and ponder this. Fatty foods digest slowly so you'll be left feeling a little tighter around the waist once the sugar high is long gone. These types of foods can also cause your blood sugar to rise, which can lead to sugar cravings levels and negatively affect energy levels.

Carbonated Drinks

Basically any drinks with bubbles. Soda, sparkling water and even champagne must be saved for later. The bubbles are pockets of air and by releasing all that carbon dioxide, you're left feeling gassy and bloated all at once.


Used in moderation, it can curb your appetite and help keep you focused. But when you have more than a cup a day you run the risk of making your body very acidic. The more acidic your body becomes, the more fat it hangs onto. In addition to taking away sleep, it can make you anxious. The last thing you need is more anxiety on a day that is naturally fraught with it.


Anyone can testify to how puffy they feel the morning after they’ve had a little too much. Alcohol can cause water retention, irritate your stomach, make you anxious the next day and make your face look bloated and puffy. All enough reason to abstain for two weeks and then enjoy the toast on D-day.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Surprising right? Veggies like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, etc, contain a sugar that will give you gas like beans. Like beans, these veggies contain a sugar that is broken down in the body by methane-producing bacteria. The result? A bloated belly and a not-so-sweet effect that will have guests remembering you for the wrong reason as you march down the aisle.

Chewing Gum

You may want minty-fresh breath before you walk down the aisle, but gum isn’t the best way to get it. Gum can get extra gas into our stomachs without us noticing. It also happens when you drink too fast or use a straw.


While not everyone is sensitive to dairy, it is one of the more common food sensitivities out there, leading to bloating, gas, and cramps. Keep the odds in your favor by eliminating dairy products a week or two before the wedding.
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