How Dressing Better Changed My Life Completely!

There’s no doubt about it—dressing well is a very important part of being a gentleman.

So, just how can dressing better change your life?

Folks from Style Guru Society were asked and gave these testimonies to inspire you to step up your style game.

Ryan Fisico

“Dressing better gave me proof that image can change the way others look at and treat you.”

Mark Asuncion

“Dressing better has allowed me to meet so many new people. I felt that by cleaning up my appearance, people would take me more seriously in school, business, etc. especially because of how young I was when I first started getting into fashion.”

Steve Nuñez

“The clothes you wear and the way you groom yourself will change the way other people hear what you say. I’ve noticed when I dress better people take me more seriously and that increases the value of what I have to say.”

Gurj Sohanpal

“Dressing well is the foundation of going from a boy to a gentleman. My clothes are a reflection of the person I am, and they tell a story about me without even having to open my mouth.”

Juan de la Rosa

“Dressing well has opened up a lot of doors for me recently. People take you more seriously and know that if you put as much effort as you do into dressing well then you will do the same any most other aspects of your life.”

Sunny Murthy, The Well Dressed Student

“It’s opened the door to so many amazing opportunities for me. I’m able to inspire young kids to want to dress like me and act like a gentleman. Dressing well has changed my life because it has given me an opportunity to positively impact people on a large scale. Together we can change the world.”

Dennis Carvajal

“It made me live a better and healthier life - I’m not getting caught up in bad habits, I have more discipline, I’m respected as a gentleman and I’m more respectful myself. This is very important when it comes to first impressions - how you are viewed before having to even say a word.”

Stepping up your personal style isn’t merely about having a better fashion sense, it is about touching and improving upon many more aspects of your life.

I hope you are inspired. Let's juggle up and keep improving our style

(Source: Jacob Sigala)

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