How Long Should Your Nails Be?!

lomg nail beds, short free edge.
This is either a really good or really bad question depending on whose hands the nails! I've seen people rock long nails elegantly and with all the hygiene necessary to keep it looking good.

clean, long nails!
I have also seen people with short nails who could make you gag with disgust at the very dirty condition their nails are (excusing mechanics and manual labourers please!).

short and!
So exactly how long should your nails be?

A major factor in determining a manageable length is the nail bed itself.

As a rule, the ratio 1:1 is acceptable. This means that the length of the nail which extends from the free edge (that portion where the nail bed stops and the nail grows out from) should be as long as the entire nail bed itself. This is a good length for easy management and for maintaining nail hygiene.

perfect ratio; perfectly manicured long nails!
There are however no hard and fast rules. Sometimes, nail strength is another factor too.

People with soft, brittle nails would do well to keep the length short or go for enhancements to reinforce the strength of their natural nails while those with hard, flexible nails can still grow them long enough as the please. (not too long though, they're nails not claws!)

extremely extreme long nails..not very practical!
Overall, nail length is mostly down to personal preference and how well one can maintain them. Pick which length works best for you and have fun managing it. Your hands will look more elegant for the care taken to keep them looking good.

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