How To Belt Your Outfit Like A Guru

One of the things I can't seem to get over is the reason why some people think you can belt every outfit, with even ridiculous colors and styles; like please why!!!

There are no complicated rules to belting outfits but still there are I like to think, simple and common sense ways to belting outfits; like why belt a top that has no reason for belt to be there in the first place or on a full blown sweater (only with the exception of sweat dresses).

We all know how much attention belts calls to people, like it's an accessory guys, so using it right is really key. As it is known, there are different designs, shape, length, and width and there are places, outfits and occasions each belt is for. First thing to note is to allow your belt complement your outfit.

If you don't know, your belt also speaks volume about your total look so know the look you are going for and use the right belt. If it's a casual look and you are going for a Bohemian style, then you can go with the big body-cinching belt but if it's a very simple look, then go with the slim belt.

I think you should have 3 main types of belt that can always work with different outfits without it being too picky. They include;

The Classic Belt: These belts are great and work really well with jeans for that casual look and also business casual look

The Wide Belt: Dramatic, chic and helps elaborate the curves more, these belts are also great for dresses.

The Skinny Belt: These always give a classy feel to an outfit and work great with a dress. It can also work with jeans in some cases, depending on the belt hole in the jeans.

You should also have different cool colors apart from black and brown. Try gold, silver, red, yellow and other bright colors. Remember, belts call attention to wherever you place them so go with the right length and color and you will look and feel great all day.



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