How To Handle Wardrobe Malfunction Like A Pro

We have been in this situation one way or the other; not only celebrities on the red carpet or runway models go through this embarrassing episode.

A wardrobe malfunction is an accidental exposure of a person's intimate part due to temporal failure of clothing. I will also like to add - not necessarily accidental exposure of intimate parts but also accident spills and wrong combinations.

We have all at one time stepped out in a rush with two different colors of footwear, worn our cloths backwards, gotten a tear or wet in the 'wrongest' place ever, gotten soaked from rain, forgetten to remove price tags or even lost your wig when struggling for bus without realising it...and the list is endless!

Wardrobe malfunction could happen to just about anybody. I too have suffered a very very embarrassing and unfortunate situation like this before. In fact, on several occasions - but I won't tell you how it happened *shines teeth*.

I later realized that the key to avoiding this mishap are easy, and if you already find yourself in a situation like that, there are easy steps to take. Here it goes;

▶️If it's in a work environment or a business meeting and it's quite difficult to excuse yourself at that moment; Well you cannot continue to show them that little private detail of yourself, so simply excuse yourself. Trust me, you would be immediately excused.

▶️Nothing bad if you also go around with spare cloths. What I mean to say is - always be prepared for these natural disasters.

▶️Or when in a casual outing, or not too casual outing, the easiest way is to create a form of distraction. Make a joke, talk about things you normally won't talk about, and playfully and stylishly repair the damage but if its too big of a damage, excuse yourself. You are not on the red carpet, or on stage performing or even on live TV, so you most definitely will be excused.

▶️Another way to pull this off is not to give a care in the world, if it has happened and there is no immediate solution for you, muster up that courage cause that's all you will need to go through that episode.

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