How To Style Your Athleisure Wear.

Many ladies are into keeping fit and looking healthy and as such, have registered or run fitness programs at the gym. Of course there are outfits required and worn for such occasions which we all know as gym cloths like our leggings, sports bra, tank tops etc...

Curious about what an Athleisure wear is? I'm sure some of you must have figured it out by now but for those who are lost, athleisure is a casual, comfortable clothing which is designed to fit both as gym wear and an everyday wear.

Examples can be seen from celebrities like Beyonce with her Ivy Park collection to Rihanna with her Puma x Fenty collection which have launched athleisure clothes for comfortable and fashionable looks on the streets.

As one of the season’s most popular trends, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t heed the call and rock yours. Let's not get it twisted here tho. Just because I said it could be gym wears that can be rocked as an everyday look does not mean you should go and wear all your gym pieces and start walking on the road.

There are ways these pieces can be styled and put together to make you come out chic and fashionable. Be just as fashion forward by following these tips on how to channel the athleisure trend this season.

The keys to rocking these fashion piece to fit into your everyday look are made simple with these few rules.:

• When one thinks of sporty styles, racer stripes immediately come into mind. While this is a vital part of the athleisure trend, you can make your sporty look more sophisticated by wearing your racer stripes with dressier outfits or accessories like; a trendy mini bag, a sexy pair of stiletto heels, etc.

• The athleisure trend is not as complicated as it seems. In fact, you can easily achieve this chic casual look by being creative with textures or prints. You can never go wrong!

• Sneakers are often worn with casual clothes. But because of the athleisure trend, these are now seen with dressier outfits as well. You can achieve the elegant athleisure trend by wearing plain sneakers with frilly or feminine outfits.

• Going monochromatic with a sporty look is super easy and it creates a super posh look, too.

• Combine to suit your personal style.

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