How Was Your Week?

Good day, everyone. How was your week? A lot of people will say “Boooring!” Or “It was just there.” 

And my reply to that statement has not changed: “The week was only boring because you allowed it to be. If you really didn’t want it to be, it wouldn’t!”

I've also realized that when people say boring, they don’t mean ‘boring’ in that sense. They simply mean that last week wasn’t any different from the previous week. The very same things that happened two weeks ago also happened last week, more or less. Nothing different. Nothing peculiar.

If that’s the case, then why don’t you change that by doing something different next week? It’s that simple. I know the question that comes with the thought of doing something different.

 “What different thing can I do, exactly?”

The answer to that is very simple: Do something worthwhile! Something completely out of the box...

Do something you’ll examine at the week’s end and say it was a good experience. Learn more about yourself. Read a book on self-discovery. If reading is not your thing, then go to the net and find a video that addresses self-discovery. If you're fat, find out what you can do to shed weight (the healthy way, of course!).

Engage in your interests. You like singing, sports, cooking, talking, drawing? You’ve been buying and selling things since primary school (you’re business inclined)? Find out if they’re just hobbies or if they are things you can develop.

When there are so many cool things to do, your week was boring simply because you didn’t bother to ask yourself what you can do. Whenever a question pops into your mind, go to the net and look for the answer.

For instance, I once wondered which insect runs the fastest in the world and I found out that it’s the tiger beetle, followed by the cockroach! Yes, that one in your house! You getting the message?!
Now, let’s make an oath. Raise your right hand with me and say these words with me. I SOLEMNLY SWEAR, THAT NEXT WEEK WILL NOT BE BORING FOR ME AND I WILL DO SOMETHING WORTHWHILE!

So don’t let what you’ve just read go to waste. Go into the new week with a plan and don’t compromise. Your friends - and even you - will be surprised at the number of exciting things you’ll have to talk about next week.
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