Is That Sunshade The Right One For Your Face Shape? Find Out Here

The love I have for sun shades knows no bound, apart from the shakara I use it to do, I also use it to protect my eyes from sun as it's the reason why many of us use shades. It has the ability to instantly change your look from casual to chic and frosh, even if you never "baf"

But it has become quite alarming that some people do not actually get it right, a lot of people go around with glasses that don't compliment their face, but they just wear it cause they like the shape or color. Mehn! there are some little things that need to be taken into consideration before purchasing a sunshade.

Study the Infographic below to get the right style for your face before purchasing just any one:

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It's not all the time we have to try and look in the mirror continuously before finally thinking hey! I think this one suits me.

First thing to take into consideration is actually the major reason why you should actually be purchasing one; If it fits your face shape, your style and the look you want to go for...

The level of coverage. Like I don't get people who use sunshades that don't protect to a level the degree of sun that affects your vision when walking.
Type of face shape. A lot of people go around with the wrong shape of shade for their face, and its not cool. Identify your face shape then pick glasses that compliment it.
Have at least a classic sun shade. You need to have one of this, so you can get to wear it for long even if it's not in trend.
Your style. Identify your unique style and wear shades that suits your particular lifestyle. You could incorporate it to become your signature.

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