Jewelry Overload! Not A Bad Idea After All

Is there such a thing as too much? Duh! Definitely not!. It seems everywhere you go, you keep hearing sayings such as "keep it simple!", "don't let it be too much", "little! It's much" and you find yourself being restrained from wearing certain things.

Jewelries are ornaments such as bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings whose main aim is to add spice and flavour to an outfit. It's actually kind of exciting knowing a piece of jewelry could instantly glam you up and make you look divine and exquisite.

Multiple earrings, layers of neck chains and hand chains kind of bring that fierce and chic feel to your look and personality. I for one, love the feel it brings to outfits. The key to layering your jewelries is to keep the balance by wearing one piece at a time.

Like fashion bloggers do, create a trendy yet simple statement by stacking three gold rings in a row that will look perfect, especially if they’re plain and simple. Or, find some cuffs with similar or dissimilar thickness and wear them on your wrist. Pair that with some statement rings, and you are good to go.

Fashion rules have taught us to wear gold with gold, silver with silver, bronze with bronze, and metal with metal, so we can create a polished look by sticking to the basic rule. Also, wearing different colors of charm bracelets like emerald green, gold, and cream will create a cohesive look due to the similarity of their design.

Not until you get really into layering jewelry, you would never understand why someone would want two of the same exact ring or bangles. Sure, there are occasions that don't warrant multiple jewelries but there sure are occasions that do. So it's time to explore, get creative and become daring cause hey, fashion is all about breaking boundaries, right?.

Jewelry Overload! Not A Bad Idea After All Jewelry Overload! Not A Bad Idea After All Reviewed by chidinma akinsanya on May 10, 2017 Rating: 5

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