Makeup hack 104: Concealer Application

Our next step on makeup hack is learning the tricks to concealing properly. First off, you should be aware that foundation comes first before concealer, the reason being that the foundation has already covered whatever black spots and impurities you want to cover.

Your concealer only comes in handy when the foundation does not totally cover what you aim to cover. The concealer is then applied to hide the remaining spots left unhidden.

The major reason why foundation should be applied first is cause it does the work of a concealer to an extent and also cause when concealer is applied before foundation, you tend to clean of the concealer.

In a triangular shape, put your concealer under the eye to give the illusion of a face lift, you can also use it on your lid before applying your eye shadow, so as to enable your eye shadow last all day, and also with the many different colors available for correcting troubles on the face, the concealer helps with that too.

LA girls is currently every girls favourite, because of their many color correctors. But you have to know the job of each colors and it's not a must for you to use if you do not want to, but if you are a makeup freak and also want to go the extra mile in having that perfect and flawless glow, then you should know this little information.

Remember also, you only need to apply little cause too much will lead to your face caking up.              
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