Makeup Hack 106: Powder Application

Obviously I don't have to write up too much on how to make use of your powder. It's just about the easiest of makeup application step.

The only problem that might arise is in identifying which shade of powder to go for, just like the same problem we go through with selecting the right foundation shade but if you've read the previous posts of the makeup hack series, then I will only tell you to follow the same steps followed in picking your foundation.

From experience though, it's usually best when you use a lighter shade of foundation with a darker shade of powder or you use a darker shade of foundation with a lighter shade of powder. With this process, you'll balance both on the face and prevent your face from looking too dark or too white as a result of using the same shade of powder and foundation.

Here are some of the basic rules to applying powder for a perfect and smooth effect:

Application method and where to apply. I recommend applying powder with a fluffy brush along the t-zone, where the face can get oily. A brush gives the most natural finish. Under the eyes and on trouble spots, pat the tiniest amount of powder with a powder puff to keep concealer in place.

Less is more. Use a light touch when applying powder. If you use too much, it can look cakey and fake, and make you look old in an instant by accentuating wrinkles.

Loose vs. pressed. There could also be the question of what the difference is between loose and pressed powder. Well, there is no much difference apart from different brands using different formulas and processes and also the difference in the packaging. For example, a loose powder is called that cause you find it in a container with lid and little holes for the powder to come out from. While pressed powder is the opposite in having been compressed into a regular shape.

Loose powder will look the most natural. But it can be messy and impractical for touch-ups during the day. While the pressed powder is less messy cause it has been contained. Proper application is key.

Always match your skin. Whether you’re planning on being in harsh lighting or taking a lot of photos, your powder should always match your skin. Be careful: your powder’s color can change once it’s been on your skin for a few hours (especially under the hot sun or lighting) so be wary not to go darker because the powder may oxidize on your skin and become even darker as you’re wearing it.

Create a natural-looking finish. Powder shouldn’t look dry on your skin. To make your powder invisible, dampen a makeup sponge and pat it over the skin. This removes excess product and creates a silky finish.

You can apply your powder with makeup brush, powder puff and sponge, it all depends on you and your personal preferences.

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