Matching The Right Bra To The Correct Outfit

Ok ladies, I feel like most times in our haste and focus to picking the right outfits, we totally forget about our underwear. Like it's kind of a serious issue because most times, a lot of us go out with our bra straps in view or looking weird.

Most times when we go shopping for bras, we don't put much consideration into picking the right ones. Knowing you have different outfits with different necklines, you have to put you bra into consideration because your bra also says a lot about your style choices.

Picking a bra can make or mar your outfit and trust me, people see that something is going on in there (at least people like me!) so take care of this little detail so as come out looking flawless.


Color: It's advisable to have different colors of bra, so as to match the different outfits you want to wear, you can also always go for nudes or black depending on the outfit colour.

Strap:  The straps of your bra should be able to adjust properly to fit.

Band Size: It should not be too short so it isn't too tight and make you feel like you have cancer of the breast when you pull it off after long wear (talking from experience..laughs!)

Cup Size: Your cup size is very important and should be taken serious because when you wear the wrong cup size, your boobs could either spill out or disappear entirely.
 Now we have different type of bras for different purposes. Know them and you're good to go.

(P.S: there are no rules about matching your bra to your panties, the choice is all up to you.)

different types of bras

Bra cup sizing.

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