Please Don't Wear The Following With A Native Attire

Native wears are the new business casual in Nigeria. Native attire is quite popular in Nigeria and stylish gentlemen embrace this trend. You hardly will see a Nigerian man that looks bad in a well-tailored native attire. Well, it has to be well tailored for it to look good.

Most men dress impeccable in their native attires but they mess it up with the kind of footwear they wear with it. 

Now the question is, what type of footwear should be worn on native. 

I hope I help with a few style advice on what can and can't be worn on native attires.

1. Please, No socks.

It's quite common to see men wear socks on native attires. This is so wrong. You should not wear socks on natives, there is no excuse for this fashion crime. If you feel uncomfortable wearing your shoes without socks, wear half socks. they are the best as they don't show.

2. Sneakers

A guy wearing white sneakers on native. It looked "nice", but it is not acceptable. You can rock it for a photoshoot or if you want to make a fashion statement, but don't wear them otherwise.

3. Lace-up shoes

Do not wear lace-up shoes, or dress shoes on native. They are meant for "non-native" attires.
You can wear loafers, moccasins, boat shoes and any other variation of loafers without laces.

4. Sports wrist watch

If you can't wear a sports wrist watch on a suit, then you should not wear it on native. Only wear a leather watch or a nice gold/ silver watch.

5. Belts
Belts should not be worn on natives. Even if your tailors makes provision for it, do not wear a belt.

6. Flip flops

There is no excuse, this should not be worn at all on natives.

7. Leather slippers

You should not wear leather slippers on your native to a formal event. Instead get a nice leather sandal, it's a better choice. You can wear the leather slippers if you are just casually meeting up with friends.

Remember that your native should be tailored properly to meet your needs and please make sure your trouser length is reaching just on the top of the shoe and not sweeping the ground when you walk. To avoid this, you can simply tell your tailor that the trouser measurement should not pass your ankle.

Source: Jemimah Abimbola
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