Pocket Square - Boost Your Look!

How on earth could a functionally useless piece of fabric nested inside a pocket be considered “style" you ask?. 

It’s all fine and well that you’re wearing a nice blazer or suit jacket but adding a pocket square will take your look one step further and help you stand out amidst a sea of fellow blazer wearers.

When it comes to dressing, we all want a little something that can change our standard suiting-up, add a bit of color and be a reflection of our own personal aesthetic.

Pocket squares do just that!. They may be simple but when done correctly, these humble accessories boost the appeal of any look .
classy no matter the look!
How to Fold Pocket Squares

There are a hundred ways to fold pocket squares, but it is best to keep things simple and classic.  

Here is five of the most classic interpretations of folding pocket squares that are appropriate for a range of occasions. And easy steps to folding these different variations.


Also known as the Presidential or Classic fold, this is one of the most subtle ways to style a pocket square. Suited for more dignified, conservative occasions where formality will be observed, this fold is best suited for linen or cotton pocket squares that will hold a crease effortlessly.


A super-classic way to interpret pocket squares, the one-point fold displays a triangle shape peeking out through your pocket. This fold is more noticeable than the conservative square fold and is recommended for most looks featuring pocket squares. A high quality silk material is recommended.


A variation of the one-point fold, the two-point fold features two peaks displayed from your pocket. This fold can handle brightness and more detail when it comes to your chosen pattern and works well with silk and patterned squares. Think gingham, plaids and paisleys.


Also known as the Crown Fold, it is one of the more complicated folds. This style should be approached when you feel more comfortable wearing pocket squares. It works well with simplistic silks as well as deep-coloured patterns, adding dimension to your formal looks.


Quite simplistic, the puff fold relies on a more traditional, subtle display of your pocket square. This fold works best with silk pocket squares that are large so that they do not disappear in your pocket.

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