Real Men Need Manicures Too! Find Out Why

Yes!! Today i will be seriously coming for our malefolks especially in Naija. Male manicure is a very very real thing guys! If you've often assumed good-looking hands are meant for we ladies alone, please look for the nearest dustbin and dump your assumptions there. For good measure, pour petrol on it and set fire to it! *chuckles*

As a guy, you cannot literally "slay" in your nice 3-piece suit or white agbada (Yoruba demons, take note!) and be looking correct with your "beard gang" and nice shoes on point and your hands look like..*deep sigh*. Let me not yab anyone but i have often seen men keeping nails longer than mine and those nails look horrific, never mind how fine-boyish they themselves look.

real men do nails!
Dear men, long, dirty, cracked, peeling , discoloured nails are not attractive to look at! Imagine how much effort ladies put into their nail care and you are there slacking. Please, kindly let us involve ourselves in roforofo fight over this.

I can't count how many times I've literally had to bite down my tongue to keep from commenting on a guy's hands. Luckily I'm here to give you the most basic nail care tips you, as a guy, can give yourself so your hands too can be on point like your girl's own. *wink, wink*.

don't be lazy about your nails guys!
Before we start, please go and read my previous article on nail tools and familiarize yourself with the most basic. Done that already? Super! You don't need all of them but the ones listed below are absolute essentials.

1) Nail Brush: Excellent for getting underneath your fingernails and brushing the hell out of those pesky dirt residues. I highly recommend using this while in the shower/bath as the water will have softened the dirt and you can easily get at it. Gently please, don't hurt the!

2) Nail Clippers: Please stop growing your nails excessively long, you're not an Ostrich! Nail clippers will do an excellent job of helping you keep your nails at an attractive length. (Psst! We women love trimmed nails on our men!). Also best done immediately after a bath because of softened nails.

3) Nail Files: Ahem!! The valleys and ridges on the edge of your nails will not take care of themselves sir, a nail file is your handy companion to ensure an even nail shape on all fingers and toes. Very useful item sir, very useful indeed!. File in one direction only. Filing alone will tidy up the look of your nails more than anything can.

4) Nail Buffers: I know how fond you are of that amala and beef stew made with palm oil. I also know how much you like playing football but please realize your nails suffer if you don't take care of them. Buffers are for shining up your nail bed and removing any discolourations arising from everyday activities. A well-buffed nail is so gosh-darned attractive with nice, clean nail beds. Just take my word for it.

So gentlemen, when all is said and done, after slaying your nails, please never ever forget to moisturize your hands with a good lotion. You can also moisturize your nails with cuticle oil, read my article here to know why this is essential for nail health.

For those with the time and energy to spare, you can read up about my own personal nail care routine here and that might help guide you to developing a personal routine of your own.

I hope I see more of you men with gorgeous nails, stay handsome fellas!

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