Shocking Celebrity Red Carpet Wardrobe Malfunctions

A wardrobe malfunction is the accidental exposure of a person's intimate parts due to a temporary failure of clothing to do it's job. It is different from indecent exposure or flashing, as the latter is deliberate and is used as a way to get attention.

All the stylists and all the designers in the world can't always protect a celebrity from a wardrobe..whoops! So let's check out some notable celebrity malfunctions that you should try to avoid at all cost:


Iggy Azalea had this red carpet oopsy during her arrival at the 2013 European Music Awards. The Australian performer flashed some serious flesh in a very revealing black dress. The sultry slit was cut straight up all the way above her hip bone - accidentally giving a view of her privates. That’s one serious slit!


Laura Govan got game! The reality star literally let it all hang out while strutting her stuff at The Wedding Ringer red carpet premiere in January 2015. The former Basketball Wives: LA star had tongues wagging as photographers captured images of the 37-year-old while her boob popped right out of her dress. 


It’s hard to tell if the Barbadian beauty’s wardrobe malfunction was accidental or on purpose. We’re gonna have to go with the latter on this one — sorry, Ri!. Rihanna’s no stranger to celebrity red carpet wardrobe malfunctions, of course. The 28-year-old is known for her outlandish and revealing wardrobe choices, having been spotted braless and pantless on many occasions.


We’ll never put it past Paris Hilton to show off some major skin. During her 33rd birthday bash, the hotel heiress reminded everyone the reason she became famous in the first place. The sex tape vixen left her underwear at home as she strutted her sexy self on the red carpet while paparazzi snapped famous crotch shots. 

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Pretty outrageous, aren't they. We can avoid all of these malfunctions if we are more careful with our choice of outfits and style. True or False?

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