The Nail Olympics

Pink and Whites on Nailympic scale!
Folks, I am telling you with all happiness, this is a real thing!. I kid you not. Imagine my excitement the day I discovered there was an actual Nail Olympics competition which tests the mettle of nail techs of various countries judged by the finest and most well-known people in the nail industry from the world over.

Known as Nailympa, they are currently held in USA, Australia and London at various dates of the year. The Nail Olympics showcase nail artistry and workmanship from nail techs from various countries with sponsorship by major nail products and beauty companies and media outlets some of which have included Scratch Magazine, Cuccio, Tammy Taylor, NovaLash, BrillBird Luxury Nail Design etc. among other equally famous nail product brands.

Teasing you with this dragon-inspired set.
 Celebrity judges for the 2017 edition include famous nailistas like Jan Arnold, Tammy Taylor, Max Estrada, Traci Dungan, Jai Harvey-Yin, Morgan Haile, Taylor Daniel among other notable names.

The most amazing thing about Nailympia is the unlimited amount of creativity that can be expressed through nails. There are simply no limits. Designs can be loud and as flamboyant as can be with full marks going to creativity and style. Nail techs can spend weeks and months practicing and perfecting their designs. Winning medals will make it worth all the effort and of course, having a ton of fun viewing some of the wonderful nail art on display.

Check out some of the amazing designs from past Nailympics. You will agree with me, they're something!

Big-ups to this animals-inspired set.

A rose garden scene. Nice!
Even fairytales get their own spot to shine!
Mermaids and ocean life gracefully portrayed in this set.
Even the gods and kings of ancient Egypt are not left out!
Glitter, bling and roses anyone?!

You'll agree they are all dazzling. I can't wait to see the awesomeness coming up this year and will be happy to share in due time. Until then, enjoy!

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