The Opal Hair Trend: Would You Try It?

Over time, hair has evolved from that stuff that just grows out of the head into separate fashion and lifestyle statement pieces with hair colouring being one of the best indicators of emerging fashion trends.

Hair styling has transformed into works of art in their own right and most fashionistas accessorize hair to suit everything else they wear.

One of the current trending hair colours is the “Opal hair trend”, also known as the "Mermaid" or "Holographic" hair trend. It gets its name from the Opal gemstone which is a crystal that is beautifully iridescent with holographic shades of blue and green and purple, sometimes mingled with various other colours.

It gives off an ethereal, milky glow when hit by light and is very popular as a jewelry piece.

opal gemstone
opal jewelry
The Opal hair colour trend sees hair coloured to match the opal gemstone. Strong shades of holographic blues, shimmery greens and rainbow-hued purples all come together to give off a hair colour that is both unusual and attractive. It gives the appearance of translucency hence the "holographic" name.

Would you try this?

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