The Rhonkefella Yard Sale Is Back!!

It is so exciting to announce the 2nd collection of slayonce, fashion guru and style dropper Rhonkefella's collection in less than 24 hours from now. Wasn't able to go to the first one, but I had my eyes feast out on the last collection and they were more than amazing.

This year, she collaborated with Loucheclothiers to bring out blazers design and Haute couture artistry for bridal dresses, and with what she served in the last collection we are expecting fire!!!

In anticipation of her 2nd collection, I will leave you with the last collection pieces she dished out, with the names of real people who inspired and motivated her for the last and up coming collection, check them out below.

PS: They are super comfy, an everyday wear, and are all made in Nigeria which is amazing and the most interesting part is, they are affordable, and I mean affordable for as low as 2k upwards, so enjoy:

                                                          IFUEKO SHIRT AND SKIRT

                                                                     TOKE KIMONO
                                                                    HAPPUCH DRESS 

                                                       YEMI ALADE 4 WAY DRESS

                                                            AGATHA JUMPSUIT

                                                      ANIKE TWO PIECE JACKET

                                                     THE SHADE SKIRT AND SHIRT

                                                            CHIOMA JUMPSUIT

                                                                  RAYO DRESS

                                                               SERWA PLAYSUIT

                                                                JAMILA DRESS

                                                               DONA DRESS

                                                              MOAISHA SKIRT

                                                                      TOLA DRESS

                                                                 JULLIET DRESS

                                                               EKAETTE DRESS

Check out her collection for prices and more juicy styles: Rhonkefella Collections
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