The Ten Commandments Of Men's Dressing

These rules are derived from a variety of sources including tradition, classic rules of men’s dress, common sense and personal taste.

1) Thou shall match the color of his socks with the color of his pants: As an exception, socks can be matched to something worn above the waist such as a man’s shirt, tie, pocket square or suspenders.

2) Thou shall match the color of his belt to that of his shoes: This holds true in all situations except when wearing white bucks.

3) Thou shall utilize a pocket square when wearing a jacket.

4) It is impossible for a man to be considered well dressed if his shoes are in poor taste or of noticeably poor quality. For any good ensemble is built on a fine pair of shoes.

5) Thou shall not wear a sports watch with a suit: It would be like playing lacrosse in dress shoes, and no one wants to see that.

6) Thou shall not wear sport sunglasses with a suit: It’s like wearing socks with sandals; everyone else knows its wrong. Why don’t you?

7) Thou shall never button all three buttons of a three button jacket: You can sometimes button the top, always the middle and never ever ever the bottom.

8) There should be no presence of logos or branding when wearing a suit: For example, do not wear a Polo shirt with the Polo logo on it under a suit jacket or a Burberry tie with the Burberry tartan (although the scarves are fine). The emphasis of a suit should be the fit, not the brands it is worn with.

9) Thou shall only wear black, brown or oxblood (burgundy) leather shoes for business dress: The only exceptions allowed are white bucks. Blue, green or any other colored shoes are inappropriate.

10) Style is a state of mind.

There are lots of dress rules. I hope these 10 rules have been helpful. Do not fail to share your thoughts on this.

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