Trend Alert: How To Look Fabulous In Gingham

Gingham print is back and blazing hot this season as many street fashionistas and designers are coming up with awesome styles that will make your eyes pop-out.

Composed of evenly sized checks in lighter and darker shades, gingham is a versatile and classic print that you can wear with any style to showcase your personality and lifestyle.

Although Gingham print is often confused with other checkered patterns like plain and tartan so before we get on, let’s just be clear with what gingham really is. Gingham is basically a checkered print that consists of white and another bold color such as red, blue or even yellow.

Now, gingham has been an iconic print pattern but the way it was styled in the past didn't make it appealing enough to make a ground as a fashion statement. Case in point: the picnic blanket, our secondary school boarding pinafore dress and, of course, those local tailor costume *lool* the list is endless...

However, with the new advent to fashion, gingham can easily look super elegant and chic when styled rightly. Another thing that has made this trend one of the most typical, versatile, and stylish design to opt for is that, it can simply be worn with anything and to most occasions.

If you are afraid of stepping out in Gingham, you don’t have to be anymore. These fashionista-proven inspirations can help you parade in Gingham – without looking like a restaurant attender. Stay inspired!

Gingham is already a bold statement all on its own so try to keep the rest of your outfit plain and simple. You don’t need any more knickknacks to adorn your outfit with when you already have a gingham printed piece to sport...
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