Velvet: The New Rave.

I remember a time when wearing this piece will get you insults and abusive songs, it was called ' akpoché' then, don't know if you guys remember?. Well, velvet has now made a huge comeback in fashion.

Velvet is a soft, luxurious and comfortable material which gives that instant feminine and glamorous feel. It's slightly thick texture makes it perfect for cold weather. I remember it made a comeback in the 90s' when it was used along with the "George" material for traditional Ibo wears and afterwards disappeared from trends until now.

I for one think it has always been a high fashion trend but right now it can be pulled off in a casual way and no longer look over the top or too dressy when worn by pairing with denim or any trendy silhouettes.

From jackets, suits, skirts, dress, boots, bags and even chokers, at least one fabric is a must have in your wardrobe.

It is more colorful, luxurious and versatile than ever before and fashionistas are really giving style inspirations on how to rock them on the streets, work and even weddings. It adds dramatic touch to any outfit but can be downplayed when paired right.

When worn wrongly, one can have a fashion faux pas. So firstly, wear one velvet piece at a time and if you are more bold and daring you can wear more than one but you have to be really careful so you don't look horribly mismatched.

Velvet: The New Rave. Velvet: The New Rave. Reviewed by chidinma akinsanya on May 23, 2017 Rating: 5

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