Wearing Short Hair With Style

First off guys - Is having short hairs cute or not?. To be honest, I think they are extremely elegant and sexy and hair cuts are not new to us. I, for one, have been on low cut since like forever; tried so many styles, dyed so many colors and I have always gotten mixed reactions from individuals.

Some ask questions like "How do you do it?", "Aren't you scared it won't fit you?", "How do you maintain it?". Some really want to try it but are too scared to do it cause they are not sure it will be appropriate or suit them.

Short hairs, I must say from experience, are remarkable. It sort of gives you that "African queen" look and makes you stand out from amongst heads full of hairs. So how does one get the right hair cut for your face and maintain it too? Really simple, it's all between your barber and yourself!.

Your barber is the most important person in this situation cause when the cut goes bad, hair no fit gum back o! It is also important that you know and understand your face shape. Is it oval? If it is, any style of cut looks good. From punk to "fadan" (clean-shaven) skin and other unusual cut styles. If it is square or round or rectangular, you have to be careful, and this is where your barber comes in.

Contrary to most people's beliefs, at least from my own point of view, maintaining short hair is not as difficult and expensive as is often believed. The key thing, and I think most important, is for you to always keep it moisturized so it doesn't have that coarse and dry look and start looking unkept.

Here are my top 3 ways of maintaining short hair;

• Always have your shampoo and conditioner at hand, and wash once every week.
• Oils: these are really important. Oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil and many others are beneficial to our hair so make use of them well, I do like to mix mine with shea butter for soft, smooth and healthy look.
• Have an anti-dandruff cream at hand.

PS: Cut hairs give a younger look, so go with bold makeup or jewelries so as not to look small and childish.

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  1. An so looking forward to cutting my hair. These styles are amazing


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