Wedding Dazzle #9: Aso Ofi Glamour

Is there any real yoruba traditional wedding, without the aso oke not been seen? Errr no way. The piece is a traditional attire worn from time past, it's rich, sophisticated and elegant material brings out master piece outfits and adds glam to an event and the person rocking it.

Aso oke often referred to as aso ofi is a short word for aso ilu oke which means "cloth from the country side" it is a hand woven cloth made mostly by the Yoruba's which is usually worn to special events like festivals, weddings, coronations and the likes.

It is usually worn as aso ebi to weddings, and mostly worn by the bride, groom, and their parents. This traditional attire is divided into 3 original types;

The Sanyan, which is woven from biege silk obtained locally from cocoons of the araple moth, gives the pale brown or beige colors and are customary worn to weddings and funeral.

The Etu is usually deep in color, indigo dyed with very thin light blue stripes.

The Alaari is woven from magenta waist silk and is usually deep red in color.

But these days, the Alaari is the most prevalent Yoruba traditional attire worn to weddings by wedding guest and celebrants, and because of the demand for it and it being popular among the younger ones, it's now done in different designs and colors which are no longer limited to the traditional colors so as to appeal to the younger ones, meet peoples taste and also make events colorful, stylish and fun.

The cool thing now is, you can mix with other materials such as lace and the likes.

Wedding Dazzle #9: Aso Ofi Glamour Wedding Dazzle #9: Aso Ofi Glamour Reviewed by chidinma akinsanya on May 20, 2017 Rating: 5

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