Week Inspiration: It's Time!!

It's TIME! 
Time to go for those good things we've always wanted.
Time to start paying attention to those that needs you; let those arrogant idols go! 
It's TIME! 
Time to stand up for yourself. Enough of being tossed and kicked everywhere-worse than a pushover.
It's TIME! 
Time to give your opinion, it has always been others!
It's TIME!
Time to stop taking and start giving.
Time we started thinking about others and stopped thinking so much about just ourselves.
It's TIME! 
Time you ended all your complaining and start to work your way around the problem.
It's TIME! 
Time you developed a thick skin and a soft heart.
It's TIME!
Time you started living, not just making a living. Time you found your source. Time to finally, truly be YOU!

Time to realize that I could go on and on so I need to stop now *lool*
I don't even need to go on. You know what it's time for. We all do! But procrastination has become so much a problem in so many lives that folks even put off becoming better people.

But you just need to begin doing everything that has been on your mind one by one. Take it on gradually. Before the machine of creativity and ideas in you leaves, and it becomes so difficult to get it back. You know all you need to get done.

So start now✨
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