Week inspiration: Take Responsibility

Responsibility! Another big word rarely followed at all. Shifting blame? Very easy to do. Accusing others for events that follows after the consequences for actions taken! Extremely easy to do.

I am of the belief that there are a lot of things that qualifies you as a certified human being; partly listed are love, compassion, peace, forgiveness, and responsibility. Every morning we open our eyes to a new day, we always have choices to make - choices as little as, which outfit will I wear? Which road should I take this morning, what should I eat. To choices as big as, who should I date, who should I marry, how many children should I have?

Everyday you make choices and act on it in life, and this choices always bring back consequences which could either be positive or negative. Some group of people actually go as far as claiming that we are not morally responsible for our actions, because our actions has actually been determined before we were born. But my insight into this is, even if it is true, we still were given the opportunity to pick and decide what and where we decide to be.

Before I continue and bore you all with this theory - all I'm really trying to say here is, take responsibility for your actions, whether the end result is good or bad. Don't shy away from it. Do not blame anyone for the decisions you made that turned out bad. Be that human being, be that adult, learn from your mistakes, take pride from your resulted decisions, because in the end, you alone have that power, and you also have that power to make this world a better place by being another responsible individual.

Be awesome 💞
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