What All Women Notice In Men!!

Okay gentlemen, listen up! See what all women will notice in you from your footwear to personal grooming.

1. Good Taste In Shoes.

It’s (hopefully) a well-known fact that one of the first things a woman will notice about you is, your footwear game. what you choose to put on your feet tells a dozen things about you before you even mutter a single word to a woman. 

The care you take in choosing your footwear directly translates to the care you take in all other situations in life - at least that’s how women see it.

2. Mankles

The perfect mankle look to a woman is one in which trousers aren’t too skinny (or too wide) and the cuffs are rolled up just a little. So gents, if the weather permits, by all means feel free to roll up those chinos and sport your favorite shoes sans sock (or at least, with some no-show socks in check).

There’s something so effortless and seductive about this casual look. It says “I care about my appearance and this look was carefully planned but I want you to believe it wasn’t.” The Italians call this thought process "sprezzatura". We call it sexy.

3) Chinos

Chinos are fantastic because they’re versatile. You can wear them to any occasion, be it casual or formal, and they can go with practically anything and still look sharp. The perfect pair of chinos, to women, are those that are slightly tapered and rolled up at the hem.

Get them in every color but be sure to at least have navy, sand, and olive green in your arsenal. Throw them on in place of jeans in any outfit and we’ll certainly be impressed.

4) White Shirt And Jeans

It looks so simple but really, this combo is an art form!. In fact, most women agree that this look is one of their favorites to see on a man. A nice, fitted shirt that’s not too loose and not too tight is key. Men’s jeans should be an investment piece.

Choose a pair of quality denim that is fitted but not too constricting. Women love slim and tapered denim on a guy. No baggy, boxer-baring jeans and crumpled oversized t-shirts here.

5) Buttoned-Up + Rolled-Up Sleeves + Skinny Tie

A man that knows how to effortlessly sport a clean buttoned-up shirt with perfectly imperfect rolled-up sleeves and a nice tie is gold in a woman's book.

Now of course, it’s a wonderful statement when a man can demonstrate his ability to perfectly pair colors, textures, and patterns in his shirt-and-tie combos but it’s equally (if not more) seductive to see a guy in a simple white button-up and a solid tie. This look is tasteful without trying too hard.

6) A Tailored Suit

A man in a clean, well-fitting suit is a man that commands attention, and trust that women take notice! However, we say “tailored suit,” not just any old suit. If you are gallivanting around in an oversized, straight-off-the-racks suit that doesn’t taper in the right places and doesn’t complement your shape, it isn’t impressive. Anyone can put on a suit.

A real man knows how to not only wear a suit, but wear it well. That means getting it tailored and taking care of it so that it’s in top shape whenever he puts it on. You want to take command of the suit you are wearing, and not let the suit overpower you.

7. Good Grooming Habits

Women love men that know how to take care of themselves and who know how to groom themselves well. Clean-shaven, rugged, whatever. So long as you’re well maintained, they are okay with it.

Long story short: women like to know that you take care of yourself, and that you take pride in looking put together and clean. It means less work for them. 

8) Tasteful Accessories

A man that knows how to pair his ties, tie bars, pocket squares, and other accoutrements is a keeper. Accessorize in a tasteful, minimal way that shows off your personal style, and the woman will go crazy for it.


Last, but certainly not least, women really just love men who are comfortable and confident. Who know and have a signature style and roll with it. Who know how to look great without trying too hard. Who know how to have fun with their style and not take themselves too seriously. If you’re having fun and you feel good, it certainly shows.

Guys,  let's improve on our style to keep them wanting us.  Gbam! 

Sourc : Rachel-Jean 

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