What Your Shoes Say About You

Do you believe your shoes especially your favorite shoe has something to say about your personality? Have you ever stopped to think about the stories your shoes would tell if they could talk?

One of them would likely be how they wish you would shine them more often. Every other story, though, would be about you.

Footwear says a lot about a man’s character and personal style. Science has even gone as far as proving that shoes can be used to accurately predict a person’s personality, status, and political inclination.

Shoes are one of the first things that gets noticed about you. Now, what exactly are your shoes saying about you?


Your dress boot says you’re very strategic about all the decisions that you make. You are everyone’s go-to person because you’re very reliable, and a jack of all trades. People gravitate towards you, but you’re weary about who you let into your life. You won’t hesitate to hand out style advice to anyone that approaches you, though. 


You’re the creative type that’s always on the move. You’re an experienced nomad, consistently thinking about how to make your life more exciting. One day you’re exploring nature, the next you’re finding your way through the big city for a business meeting. Although style isn’t your priority, you don’t leave it on the back burner, either.


You, sir, are all business. Nothing but the classic stuff, too. A successful night out to you means a cigar paired up with a nice whiskey. You have a close-knit circle of friends, and they’re your ride-or-dies. When it comes to work, you’re action-driven. You know where you want to be and have pinpointed exactly how to get there. You’re consistently on a mission, and it’s reflected from your shoes, through your outfit, and into your personality.


We’ll call you the artist. More likely than not, you’re sporting wingtip derbies with contrasting laces. You want the world to know you’re serious, but you don’t want to hide your creative persona. You take on challenge after challenge. Failure isn’t an end-all because to you it’s simply a lesson learned. You know when to ask for help, but aren’t necessarily looking to work in a team. Outside of work, though, you’re all about socializing. Is it Friday yet?


You are the style guy. People often ask you why you’re so dressed up but you don’t mind since you like to stand out. Being an entertainer is in your nature. Making new friends and building community is your thing. As a result, you’re someone to know because you know everyone. You’re a giver though, so you don’t mind sharing your knowledge and your network.


Colorful sneakers = colorful personality. Not that you don’t own any dress shoes. Rather, you simply prefer a pair of Adidas over some monk straps, and there’s nothing wrong with that. A 9-to-5 job spent spreading yourself thin over countless Excel spreadsheets is not your idea of a dream job. You’re resourceful and witty - a very effective combination for someone that always likes to be ahead of the curve.


You’ve got a pair of Nike Knits on every day with a nice pair of dress shoes on the ready for when you really have to dress up. You have a bold personality, and are always looking to inspire others to better themselves. People rarely give up on your watch, and you never give up on them. Of course, you’ve got similar expectations for yourself. When you’ve got your mind set on something, you’ve got the confidence and willpower to go and get it. Better yet, you run to it, your shoes can handle it anyway!.

Guys, I'm sure you agree at least 80%. Feel free to share your thoughts with me. Follow me @men_stylehub for more on men's style tips and tricks.
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