Why Do Women Adjust Their Bras When Talking To Men?

I don't know whether they consciously or subconsciously do it but I have observed this quite a number of times. All of a sudden,  their hand goes to the strap as your conversation with them goes very well either at a wedding or parties or other social gatherings.

Trying to really understand why and not get the wrong impression, I asked a female friend (Asma) who shared her thoughts saying:

“You buy a bra and it’s perfect. It lays on you like it’s custom-made for you. You love the cut, the style, the pattern and there is nothing bad that you can say about it but when you wear it for more than an hour, you start feeling a certain discomfort on your shoulders. The straps are not as comfortable as they were couple of hours ago”.

Bras help to keep a woman’s breasts well-supported and comfortable but straps that are too tight or too loose can cause discomfort. Bra straps are adjustable and those that are too long can be easily tightened for a better fit.

Bras are a bit like shoes – some women don’t mind the agony of them if they look good. Others prefer comfort and reliability over appearance. There is no point whether there is a man standing in front of her or she is talking to a man. It's about the comfort at that moment. However, if a man is making her feel uncomfortable, she frequently adjusts it due to a psychological reflex that associates discomfort with the adjusting of bra.

So a man making her feel uncomfortable = subconscious brain sending signals to adjust bra. She may not even notice that she is doing that.

Sounds convincing but I need to hear from you ladies. Do you all agree with what was said  above? Do you think there's more to it? Let me know your thoughts.

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