What To Wear: The Oxford Brogue

I don't really like to feel myself too much or be too proud but I am damn proud to be a woman! Why? For so many reason, some obviously known while others are not, but right now the thing getting me proud is the power we have to borrow things and make it completely ours.

Curious what this might be? It's the oxford shoe. Masculine in all it's nature and worn mainly for formal occasions, these men footwear has turned around to become a stylish statement every woman should pull off. They are classy, sophisticated and chic. Most think it's difficult to style, while others think it suits certain kind of women, but I am saying it suits every kind of woman.

An oxford is a men's wear inspired look which is masculine with it's lace ups, so styling it right is the key way to looking dynamic. Like I said, it has a masculine feel to it, so the trick is to balance it out by going with feminine outfits. I love it when paired with skinny jean most, like there is nothing jeans can't handle.

Even if this footwear's are not in trend, they are unique and gives a different look to your shoe closet, it has a dressy feel without having to wear heels.

So here are different cool ways to rock them;

With jeans of course, either flared, or straight legged jean, tailored trousers or with different color

                                                              With dress and skirts

You can try it with socks or panty hose

Try going with different color of brogues

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  1. Thank you so much for this post, been wondering how to style my brogues, now i know how!


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