10 Times Kim Has Shown Us How To Slay In Pant Joggers

Over the years, joggers has gone from gym wear to high street wear, and not only that, it has virtually become a major fashion trend. A lot of us have this in our wardrobe but never knew we could revamp the outfit into a fashion statement.

Popularly called sweat pants, because they are actually free, comfortable, cozy and worn to relax at home or for the gym - this piece of fabric is now a high fashion ensemble which is made specifically for making statements; and who would have thought this would be possible? But hey! That's fashion for you, anything can come into trend.

The key as always is to style it well, so we can tell that you are really rocking it to make a statement and not wearing it to get something from a convenient store. You can dress it up with heels and other statement piece or dress it down with sneakers or flats.

Contrary to believe; you can actually wear it to work. It all just depends on the type of joggers you get - go with a pair of joggers that are unique and gives the feeling of "I am here to slay" and I am ready for business!.

So step out in style and go slay! If someone comments that you are wearing a sweat pant, correct them by saying it's a pant joggers and you are there to slay. You can go monochrome, rock with crop tops, rock with bold colors; just play around with the style - it's not that serious.

Let Kim Kardashian West's photos inspire you:

10 Times Kim Has Shown Us How To Slay In Pant Joggers 10 Times Kim Has Shown Us How To Slay In Pant Joggers Reviewed by chidinma akinsanya on June 12, 2017 Rating: 5

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