Color Rue: Appreciation Of The Color RED

When the color red is first perceived, what comes to your mind? I for one interprete an individual wearing red as audacious, bold, and not scared to face challenges. The color red cannot be worn unnoticed. In fact, there is no one that wears it without being an object of attention.

The interesting thing is, not every woman is sure and confident enough to rock this fierce color. A lot of ladies just love playing it safe with colors like black, brown, white and other dull colors - so why don't you spark up your style than playing it safe with the usual plain thing!

Make your closet colorful with colours like red, purple, green, orange. Yes! They are bold colors and yes, they always look great on the right skin tone. Red is identified with sensuality, power, determination, vibrancy, courage and passion. Your lipstick should not be the only red you own.

Take a bold step, own a red outfit, starting from something as little as a scarf then you graduate to a top and then a dress. Own RED, it's a must-have color in your closet.

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