Dear Men, Fashion Doesn't Mean Indecency

Guys! I'm moved to talk about this today because the meaning of fashion has really been misunderstood by so many to be indecency.

You  can be fashionable yet decent for fashion does not depict indecency. Your dressing style can either command respect from others or cause others to ridicule you - hence, it's important to appear neat and clean always.

In the name of fashion, innocent boys have been subjected to arrests along with hooligans because of this ill. Boys nowadays fix crazy hairstyles and pierce ears making them look like hardened criminals so one cannot really blame the police for arresting them.

Nowadays, there are different boy styles like sagging, hot bottom, no shirt and the likes. To say the least, this unfortunate societal ill has now eaten deep into both the young and the old. It is also common amongst artists especially while they are on stage.

This is another cause for indecency in dressing among the youths as most see these artists as role models and mentors.

The principle of dressing the way you want to be addressed is still important in our society today. 

Guys, we can dress better. Share your thoughts on this.. 
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