Fashion On A Budget? Hell Yah!

"I am so damn broke but I want to look fashionable and good, what am I going to do?"
"A lot of responsibilities but I still have to look good, right?"

I mean it's not a crime to always want to look good always. If nothing else, it brings a sense of sanity and calm to an individual. I know for a fact cos looking good does that to me.

Right now, the economy is not smiling at all. In trying to hustle for feeding, housing and taking care of siblings and parents, things can get really frustrating and tiring but the good thing is, there are cool and easy ways to look glam without breaking the bank or even stressing yourself out too much.

Here are my top four ways to staying stylish and fabulous even on the tightest budget;

• Buy things you need and not just because they are beautiful or in trend. Remember, you are on a budget and you must train yourself to be disciplined in tempting situations like shopping, especially for no real reason.

• Who remembers that Macklemore's song "Thrift Shop"? Yes, you heard me - thrift shop! Some may call it "second-hand" and others "already-used", but I'm calling it "thrifting". There are really cool thrift shops around and really good ones online but always be careful not to get bad products.

• Can you guess another way? Sales!. This strategy is another way to save up cash and the good thing is you are getting quality goods at very affordable prices. Sales go on in Jumia, Konga and other clothing stores, both online and offline. All you have to do is wait for your favourite store to go on sale or offer discounted prices for what you want.

• Purchase items that are versatile - things you can match with existing and new outfits in your closet so be wise in picking outfits.

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