How to Plan The Perfect Low-key Wedding In Nigeria - 8 Ideas That Do The Trick!

Suddenly, He proposed! All the butterflies suddenly find their way into your tummy and everything on your mind is the wedding preparations...girl just cannot wait!!

But deep down, you remember that regardless of all your childhood dreams of having a grand Cinderella lock-down wedding, economic hardship and reality has made you place a huge padlock on your budget. And then the thought to start cutting cost, save money and reduce trouble becomes paramount!

Planning a classy, low-key wedding on a tight budget is a difficult task even for experienced wedding planners. However, the truth is that you can make the most of your wedding, irrespective of how much budget it is planned with.

The secret lies in setting your priorities, using things that you already have, as well as asking for help from people around you and being creative.

This days, low key weddings are becoming popular in Nigeria, with celebrities taking the lead: Four years ago,  Tiwa Savage and TeeBillz had a low-key wedding that was strictly by invitation. Same goes for Toke Makinwa and Stephanie Okereke...

Sometimes having a low-key wedding is a beautiful fool-proof choice that saves you trouble and of course, money! In this article, you will discover 8 easy to follow steps to planning a classy, pocket-friendly wedding in Nigeria.

Read on:

1) Fix The Date

This is like a map for everything you want to have ready. The date keeps you focused, every other thing comes alongside the date. You also need to have this date at the back of your mind when renting venue, shopping or hiring vendors – everything must be done and completed in good time, before this date. Most brides get stressed because of the rush when their wedding date is close by and a lot has not been done. So. it helps starting right after the marriage proposal/ engagement.

2) Keep The Parents Informed

Every Nigerian parent has been looking forward to that day when they would call everyone they know to the wedding ceremony of their child – you know, they love it the-bigger-the-merrier. So, it can be hard convincing a Nigerian parent that their son/ daughter wants to have few wedding guests – why would anyone want to deprive them of the joy of sharing a family celebration with all their friends, colleagues and village people.

It's funny how our parents always have an endless list of people they want to invite to the wedding, they sound the alarm even before the to-be couple fix a date. To avoid, or reduce, protests from close families, and also ensure that they cut down their guest list, it is advised that you let both families (bride’s and groom’s) know ahead of time that you want a small intimate wedding.

3) Seek For Help

No matter how small a wedding will be, it would still involve lots of details and logistics, and you can’t do everything alone. You’ll need lots of help to organize your wedding. You can either pay for hired helps or get it for free by asking friends and family.

4) Have a Reasonable Budget

Relax, your temperature is on the rise and that’s okay. You want something grand and memorable but don’t forget the wedding is not actually the marriage so keep your budget reasonably small. Prioritize your expenses by spending the most money on the things that matter most to you, and spend the least money on other not-so-important areas – that’s how to have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of, on a small budget.

For example: if your top priority is having a designer gown or the latest Alexander McQueen stilettos and you’re least concerned about bringing a music band, then you may want to splurge on the designer outfits and then hire a DJ instead of a band.

5) Stick to Your Budget

There are always lots of options when it comes to what works, you just have to stick to your budget as long as it's within your taste and it doesn’t break the bank. Key things like the wedding venue, the food options, the drinks, the event planner, the DJ, etc should be fixed on a budget.

6) Have A Guest List And Strategize on How to Limit Unwanted Guests

In Nigeria, weddings are traditionally an invite - everyone affairs. Even if your invitation card reads “strictly-by-invite”, you’re bound to have uninvited guests. And, if you have more wedding guests than planned, you risk having the food get finished – and even some of your important guests may not get food (while the uninvited may have been served first).

So, have a guest list of your real Gees and people you deem worthy, send out your wedding IV to them and get the RSVP, it helps to know who is coming and who isn’t. Then figure out a way to keep unwanted guests away.

7) Inform Your Friends

“We want a low-key wedding of like 200 guests max.” That’s fair. Let your friends know that they are not expected to come think of it as a reunion of old friends so they don’t invite their long-lost friends to crowd up the place. Friends should be invited but a limited number of invitations per person.

8) Get Serious with the Wedding Planning

A small wedding does not mean that it’s planning will be easier; besides, it’s easier for guests to notice flaws when a wedding has few guests. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the details. Don’t go about guessing what needs to be done each day you wake up – that’s the beginning of stress.

Instead, start off by making a list of everything and every task that needs to be completed before your wedding day. And start this process as early as possible, so that you’ll avoid last minute stress, while taking advantage of sales discounts.

Final Thoughts

Low-key weddings can be elegant if you take measures ^ keep your options simple and small – you would save cost, be happy and still impress your guests.

Hope you found our 8 tips to organize a low-key wedding in Nigeria helpful? You can share your ideas or opinion about low-key weddings in the comments section below...
How to Plan The Perfect Low-key Wedding In Nigeria - 8 Ideas That Do The Trick! How to Plan The Perfect Low-key Wedding In Nigeria - 8 Ideas That Do The Trick! Reviewed by Odukoya Oluwatosin on June 30, 2017 Rating: 5

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