How To Unclutter Your Daily Schedule

For a lot of us, it happens that there’s so many things to get done each day, and barely enough time. And some days when you consider the magnitude of these tasks ahead of you, you become lax in your approach to all the work ahead. You’re tired in your mind before you’ve even begun anything.

So you sleep first.

By the time you awake, you’re alarmed to discover that three hours have been burnt and nothing has been achieved yet. So you start rushing to get things done - but now there isn’t enough time and the work pile is still there. You’re forced to make compromises, cut out some tasks, leave this one unfinished and jump to the next………………

Sound like something you experience often? Let’s tackle and fix it today! How can you organize your daily schedule and transform it from being that cluttered mess into something workable?


I know this is an old cliché, but trust me, it really works. Penning down all the tasks you need to execute frees you from having to hold them all in your head, and this allows you to concentrate fully on the task of the moment without constantly trying to remember the other things on your list - if you forget any, you can always refer to the list you’ve written down.

Also writing a to-do list brings it all out of your head and makes it real. You feel like you’ve really started work, and you’re eager to see that it’s completed. So have a pen and paper you carry around with you so that you can put down whatever pops into your mind wherever you are.

And technology keeps making things easier for us by the day, so you can download notepad applications if you use a Smartphone; they make a great substitute since we carry our phones around with us almost everywhere.


I’m talking about the tasks or chores you do every day. Since their need for execution is renewed with each day as it comes, then it's best to take care of them first. The fact that you need to do them again and again every single day indicates their importance, so just take care of them at once and eliminate them from the list, and others can follow.

A few examples of such chores include prayer, book study, exercise routines, outfit of the day, house cleaning (sweeping, dusting, etc), and personal improvement activities like vocal and instrument drills, things like that. Some of these chores can be done while taking care of other things. Like cooking, for instance.

An exception to this suggestion is "urgency" - some tasks need immediate attention, so they take priority. Take care of them first. But if this advice confuses you, ditch it: arrange your chores/tasks the way you think is best. You are the one that has to execute them, so you’re in the best position to determine what takes priority.

Acceptance is key. You need to understand and accept that some days will require you to expend more time, energy and resources than others, so even if accomplishing everything on your list requires you staying up till late at night, you’ll be ready to make that sacrifice.

“Young people need to stop running away from the fact that for them to achieve their dreams of becoming great, they will need to say bye to good sleep for this period of their lives and get to work because it is not beans. The moment they can accept this, improvement will be immediate and obvious.                                 
The problem is, young people love their sleep.”
                                                   . -A good friend

As I write to you, I admonish myself. We all need encouragement. Hopefully this article has been of help, no matter how little. Have fun planning the rest of the week!. 
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