If It Hurts To Get Rid Of Clothes You Love Too Much, Read This

You’ve had that piece of clothing - it could be a t-shirt, a particularly beautiful dress, a favorite jacket or hoodie, or a pair of jeans.

Whatever it is; you’ve had it for a good number of years, and it often accompanied you out to church, to see your friends, to parties. You really hung out together. It has truly been your best friend. But sometimes that nagging question comes:
 “Should I still be wearing this after all this while?” Well let’s settle that right now, or ASAP.

A lot of us, myself included, have a hard time letting go of some of our clothes. We create this special bond to a particular item and we don't let it go regardless of the constant stares and remarks we get from people. So I started looking at the ways to get over this impulsive habit and realized that the first step to getting rid of stuck-on wardrobe items is to - understand why it's hard to let go of it in the first place...

Understanding why it’s hard to let go of a particular cloth is key. Once we understand what’s making us want to keep that particular pink dress or a worn-out belt, it's easier to move past these mental blocks and effectively purge your closet.

Next, heard over to your closet, give that honorable piece of clothing a good, honest look and ask these questions:

#Does it still make me look attractive?

#Have I grown bigger than this thing?

#What are my friend’s reaction when they see it on me? Do they give a genuine smile and say “Ah, I really like this your shirt o, come and give me na,” or do they say “Hmm, this your hoodie again.”?  Trust me, if it’s still really cool they’ll most likely say the former.

#Can it be revamped?  Will a little cleaning here and tailoring there make it young and new again?

#Is it still good to go, or is it crying out for retirement? Maybe it's time to hand over the baton.

If it has a sentimental value - maybe your best friend gave you as a gift or something like that; then you could take a good picture of it, or frame it, or fold it neatly away for moments of nostalgia. If it’s jumpy or too small you could give it to a younger sibling or anyone you know that might need it and be grateful to have it.

But if it needs to go, then let it go. It may hurt a bit though, but making that difficult decision is worth it. Don’t worry, your good friend has lived long, fruitful years on earth and is probably ready to be laid to rest too. So calm down, trust your instincts, and do the needful.

However, if there are a few items that you’re struggling with, try creating a “possibility box” to take the pressure off yourself. It can ease the fear of regretting any of your purging decisions and let you be bolder with what you are willing to try living without.

I hope this post helps you make some progress purging your wardrobe off those clothes that have stuck too much with you. Once you’ve identified the reason why you’re struggling to get rid of something, letting it go becomes easier. Check out these posts to learn more about the best trick to ruthlessly purge your closet for a perfectly organized lifestyle:

What holds you back from getting rid of clothes you know you love too much? What has been your biggest struggle when it comes to purging your clothes? Let me know in the comments below.
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