Makeup Hack 108: Contouring and Highlighting

Contouring is the act of defining the features by creating the appearance of your desire. Contouring with the use of lighter shades can help highlight areas you want to be more pronounced, while a darker shade helps create a shadow - an optical illusion, thereby hiding the areas you do not want pronounced.

Highlighting is usually paired with contouring, and highlighting is the same as strobing and it can stand alone, in case you are confused. When contouring, blending is key, if or when you do not blend well, you could create a look that appears fake and unnatural.

Some may wonder what the differences is between bronzer and contouring, there is no much difference apart from the fact that bronzing brings a sun kissed appearance to the face and can be applied when in a hurry to add that glow without contouring, while contouring redefines the face, with which ever technique used.

It should be noted however, that contouring comes before bronzer, and in most cases if you do not own a contour kit, a bronzer, or eye-shadow or eye primer can be used in place of the darker shade and for the lighter shade you can make use of a lighter foundation, or an illuminator for highlighting.

There are different ways of applying them to the face and it all depends on the shape of your face, so if you want that Kylie Jenner's look, then check out the picture tutorials.

PS: when viewing the pictures, the darker shade is for contouring, the lighter shade is for highlighting while the pink is for blush. Do not worry, there will be an instalment on how to apply blush in the next tutorials and which color suits you most.

You can also search for “Makeup Hack” in the search box for other easy makeup application tutorials...

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