Makeup Hack 109: How To Apply Lipstick

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Welcome to our next installment of makeup hack... As titled, we are going to be talking on how to apply lipsticks and make your lips look fuller. Some may wonder; "who doesn't know how to apply lipsticks?" Well it may shock you to know that a lot of people don't.

In other to prevent lipsticks from flaking, disappearing, staining the tooth and even going off your lips, you need to keep reading this post. Note that, the tools you need to having your lipstick look perfect are;
• concealer
• powders; either white or compact
• lip liner
• lipstick
• lip brushbrush

For a flawlessly done lip makeup, identify the type of lips you have, then choose the style you want to achieve and you are on your way to your dream lips.

First things first like I usually do and I strongly advise you all to do before commencing; is to exfoliate your lips regularly. The reason for this is for you to get a supple and smooth lips that will be ready and make your lipstick look more flawless. I use sugar and honey to scrub my lips or sometimes tooth brush, pick the one you desire.

Apply lip balm for moisturizing, then your foundation or concealer to your lips to make your lipstick stay. Next on the list is the lip liner; then finally your lipstick which you start applying from center outwards with your lip brush or directly.

After this, define your lips with concealer so any stains round the lips will be erased off and you can use highlighting pencil on your cupid bow to make it pop out. And by choice, you can dust the powder to set the whole lips.

On how to make lips fuller check out the pictures, plus the trending lip statements right now are lip gloss, which is coming back and purple lips, so try them out and make a statement.

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