Melanin Pop: In Celebration Of The African Butter "The Queen Of The Dark"

It seems everyone is talking about this African goddess from South Sudan; the more reason because of her deep brown skin tone.

Although, as much as we are deeply crushed by her skin tone, what dazzles me more about this Sudan goddess is how inspirational and self confident she is and how she teaches other women to be the same.

We all know the kind of society we are in now; everyone wants to become half-cast by force and in most cases, the process they go through to achieve a white tone ends up damaging their skin - so you can only imagine how strong this young lady is to withstand that pressure.

Right now, dark skin to some is regarded as a flaw which must be repaired, but this 24 years old beautiful, strong and empowering international model from, Nyakim Garwech who is also referred to as "the queen of the dark" boldly and confidently tells us how beautiful and amazing black skin is.

She is as strong as she is beautiful, and as she teaches other young ladies to be comfortable in their own skin, is the same way she embraces and is comfortable with hers. She promotes skin positivity, but her journey to self acceptance she says has not always been smooth.

She still goes through phases where people asks her why she is so dark, and she also shares experiences on her IG page to inspire other women: Like the experience she had with an Uber driver who asked if she would consider bleaching if given 10 thousand dollars, but she laughed it off and replied him by saying how she sees her melanin skin as a blessing from God.

Her self confidence is amazing and always inspiring, especially in this era where things like this are considered as flaws. Be inspired by her, be proud of your skin, and Let her word inspire you: “my skin absorbs the sun rays and my hair defies gravity, now you can't tell me I'm not magical,”. You can follow her on her IG handle @queenkim_nyakim for more inspiration.

Melanin Pop: In Celebration Of The African Butter "The Queen Of The Dark" Melanin Pop: In Celebration Of The African Butter "The Queen Of The Dark" Reviewed by chidinma akinsanya on June 21, 2017 Rating: 5

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