Men In Suspenders Are The Sexiest!! Here's Why?

The best thing about the suspenders is, all men love wearing them. The only difference lies in the “styling”. According to some styling gurus; Suspenders are never the hit or the miss.

There are quite a number of ways you can wear your suspenders and that too in several colours. Most people have this assumption that suspenders can only give the trendy, casual look.

Suspenders can also give you the attractive business attire look if worn appropriately.

I think now is the right time to consider these 5 ways to wear suspenders stylishly.

1) Suspenders for Formal Events and Weddings.

You can pair it with quality shirt, a bow tie or long tie and pocket square.

2) Suspenders for Business.

You can try to match suspenders' colour with your shoes. Consider colours like navy blue, taupe and black. The shirt needs to be white or any colour that gives a sharp, clean look.

3) Suspenders for Hanging Out

You can have them with denim shorts, denim-on-denim outfit and even with Chinos and T-shirt.

4. Non-work suspenders (a walk in the town)

You can have “uniform” look as well, like a grey suit with thin suspenders.

It is a brilliant way to inspire the off-work adventures with panache and style.

5. Give it a Vintage Style

Pair dark-coloured pants with a white shirt. Adding tan-coloured suspenders over the entire outfit is a look to die for!. 

It's an all-embracing style when it comes to graduation parties, semi-formal occasions and casual dates.

Let me know how you plan to style your own suspenders, come follow me on Instagram @men_stylehub for more superb fashion looks and tips.
Men In Suspenders Are The Sexiest!! Here's Why? Men In Suspenders Are The Sexiest!! Here's Why? Reviewed by Timi Buseri on June 08, 2017 Rating: 5

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