Oldie But Goody: Stripes Everywhere

I must confess, I used to avoid Stripes because there used to be strict rules to wearing them. It was said that one would make you look wider while the other would make you look slimmer.

Then another rule came again claiming the horizontal makes you look thinner while the vertical makes you look wider or fatter. Very confusing, right?!

Well guys, like i love to say, it's the 21st century; we are in 2017 - the rules most definitely have changed. We are no longer in the 70s' when Coco Chanel launched the striped style. We are now in the age of experimenting and breaking rules because that is definitely what fashion is all about right now.

What  do I mean? I'm saying whether vertical or horizontal stripes or the classic white and black to mixture of different colors, stripes are always timeless and evolving. The stripe styles are classic, comfortable, they create heavenly looks and contrary to most people's view of the style, they are really easy to wear.

What I will say is, the trick to styling this trend is; you really need to know your body type and the pattern of stripe that suit you so you can create a beautiful silhouette for your body.

Be inspired:

And also you should probably go with the thinner/narrow stripes rather than the thick,wide stripes if you are not up for the challenge of pulling it off right. Narrow stripes work for almost everybody, just remember not to over-accessories.

You can style them playfully and casually so if you have any stripe outfit in your wardrobe and don't know how to style them, let these few pictures inspire you has it has me;

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