The Dangers In Nail Biting

Nail biting, which is medically knows as "onychophagia" is an oral compulsive habit whereby a person has intense need to chew or gnaw at their fingernails almost constantly.

It is a habit which is seen first in childhood and can be retained well into adulthood. It is usually developed as a way to cope with nervousness and anxiety and proves comforting to the biter.

Nail biting poses a health hazard for the biter who, while deriving pleasure from chewing on their nails, can sometimes be unaware of the long term damage to their hands and fingernails (in rare cases, some people manage to reach their toenails for chewing as well. Funny!!)

Some of the hazards of nail biting includes

1) Breaking the skin around the fingernails thereby exposing them to germs gotten from using the hands during various daily tasks.

2) Introducing oral bacteria and other germs from the mouth into the skin which can cause swelling and abscess formation. This alone can be painful and uncomfortable to the biter.

3) Causing the hands and fingernails to have a deformed appearance because constant chewing ruins the look of the hands.

4) Low self-esteem. Most nail biters do not really enjoy the look of their own hands and nails and will go out of their way to avoid shaking people or exposing their hands.

So how can nail biting be dealt with?

The following tips really help to curb nail biting.

1) Apply a bitter tasting juice/substance to the fingers. These can be gotten from bitter leaves, bitter gourd seed or even a bitter tasting polish can be applied. This is allowed to dry and whenever the biter is compelled to gnaw on their nails, the bitterness acts as a deterrent.

2) Using nails enhancements like acrylic or glue-on nails. Since these are slightly harder than the natural nails, there is less motivation to chew on them and thus will reduce the urge in the biter.

3) Clip fingernails as they grow. There will be nothing for a biter to chew if the nails are already shortened.

4) Consult a medical professional for therapy in extreme cases of nail biting.

I hope your lovely nails will never have to suffer the effects of nail biting. Please stop the habit if you indulge in it, your hands will thank you for it!

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