Thursday Style Focus: My Personal style

“The key to personal style is understanding your individual beauty enough to know which looks will work for you and which probably won’t.” ~ Stacy London

Few times, I often get confused and frustrated when one say to me "Timi, I like your style" inside of me, I ask "what is this dude talking about?" Do I have a style? I'm sure he must be mocking me.

I realize we all have a unique style. We just fail to define what our style is. The problem is; we wear outfits that doesn't look good on us just cos it's in-vogue or we copied it from another person. That's not the case when deciding on your style; Your style must look good on you before it can be noticed or appreciated.

Right now, it isn’t only about what I want to wear, it’s about what looks good on me. I wouldn’t wear much of what I had few years ago in my wardrobe now because I didn’t pay attention to what looked good on me as much as I should have.

Now it’s different. I have changed my shopping habits a lot. My style has evolved, and has become more defined. This is because I have come to conclusions that have helped me understand first myself, and then my style.

Things I understood about myself that evolved my style:

My Body Type
There are thousands of tips and tricks on how to hide your body’s weaknesses and define its strengths. I am aware of my little flaws, and try to avoid over exposing them.

My Personality 
My style needs to be personal and reflect who I am. I think about what person I want to represent myself as to the world.

My Lifestyle
The perfect wardrobe is tailored to my life. I need to feel comfortable, and appropriate!

My confidence 
My confidence comes from the clothes I wear.  The clothes when comfortable, also empowers me. Style is an instant language, so I want to speak clearly and confidently.

My Critiques
They only make me better and not sour. Since our styles are different, we are all entitled to our opinion. People's negative opinion doesn't deter me rather it's a push up mechanism to excellence.

My Inspiration
Even though I'm inspired by first my living in this world,  my inspiration also comes from style icons. I create my own style that will speak best for me. Of course, StyleHubDAILY and few other style blogs have been a source of inspiration as well.

You know writing about oneself might be difficult sometimes and requires ardent concentration.

I hope this informed you.
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