Today's Inspiration: Accessible Elegance

Inspiration is a process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. 

Creativity is seen in this dapper gent known as Accessible_elegance on Instagram. 

You wanna ask how? 

The ability to combine different colours and still look dope and stylish is borne out of a mental activity or exercise. For every beautiful style today is a product of a good constant thought process. 

Oyibo man said good thinking = good product

Few pick up inspirational lines that comes after a post from this slayer king (accessible_elegance) on his instagram page.

▶️The famous adage says; “Image is everything”. While image in all actuality may not be literally everything, one would be immensely naive to not recognize that it is of the utmost importance.

▶️ Life will present you with moments that require you to stand front and center. In those moments, never fail to hold your head high, stand confidently and deliver your absolute best. 

▶️If the relationship that you are in continually makes you question if you measure up, then it's an excellent chance that hour math was incorrect in the first place.  Be confident.

▶️ We may be approaching the end of the week but not the end of life's possibilities for you,  for they are truly limitless. 

▶️ It is either you are inherently dapper or you are not. The clothes play a lesser role than one may suspect.

▶️ With a little faith, you can come back from literally anything. Don't ever allow anyone to convince you for anything different.

▶️ Plan, prepare and then pursue.  These are the three intangibles of an effective and successful day.

▶️ The object is to stand out in a crowd.

▶️ It is often genuinely difficult for many to face another day (nonetheless another week).  However,  my gratitude for life supersedes the fact that the weekend has culinated and yet again it's Monday. 

Be grateful
Be optimistic 
Be inspired 
Happy Monday Fellas
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