University Campus: A Place To Develop Style

Style, or at least a sense of personal style, develops slowly. You have to play the long game - but the university is the perfect place to start working on it.

The time spent at university and (more specifically) on campus is a fantastic proving ground for your own experimentation and helps provide an excellent source of inspiration.

At the university you are completely free to make your own decisions and spend all of your student loan in the first three weeks of term if you like. Giggle!

To stand out from the crowd, develop your own style especially in the way you dress. People will call you names to kill your dreams but remain ambitious with a positive mindset. In few years to come, same people will be celebrating a fashionista.

Start by being consistently the well dressed at every lecture, every seminar and every workshop - for this will set you in good stead for the years to follow.

Trust me when I say that dressing well really will make a huge difference to how people perceive you, how people talk to you, how people react to you, and how they treat you.

The guy that looks well turned out to be the one that sticks in peoples’ minds – whether you are handing out CVs or making new friends.

Be inspired guys!! 
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