Wedding dazzle #11: Get glamed up in an unexpected time

Imagine being in a situation that i believe some of us have been in, where there is a wedding and you either weren't informed on time, or a friend of a friend invites you and tells you 'just look good, it's no big deal', or you just were not able to get the aso ebi on time due to so many different circumstances.

Errr first, it is a big deal when attending a wedding, either someone's you know directly or not, so take it serious. I know how much of a turn off and discouragment it can be when you look out of place, and we all know how easy that can be.

When not wearing the agreed material for the event, some might even start thinking you are "mo gbo mo ya" *i hear, i branch* type of person - so what do you do if in a situation like this?

Firstly, i must point out that i feel and think it is tacky to just take the left over of the agreed material and paste on your outfit, so they will know you didn't just come without being invited, because some people actually do this and it's wrong.

You were not aware on time? Cool, you can still attend the event and slay. All you need is your confidence and a good native outfit, and you will look glamorous all the way. So even if you are going to be noticed for not wearing the aso ebi, the least you can do for all the eyesight is look damn good and fly. 

Here are some styles to inspire you;

Wedding dazzle #11: Get glamed up in an unexpected time Wedding dazzle #11: Get glamed up in an unexpected time Reviewed by chidinma akinsanya on June 03, 2017 Rating: 5

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