Week Inspiration: Take Ownership Of Your Word

We say things all the time, make promises we do not intend to keep, assure people when we do not have the hope of fulfilling them - Why is that happening in our society if I may ask, why is it so difficult to own your words?

I may be called old school, but I really cannot look past it. I grew up in a home where 'your word' should be held with high esteem and whatever promises you make should be met - even in situations where uncontrollable circumstances prevent you from fulfilling such promise or obligations, you apologise immediately, take responsibility for it and not shy away from doing the needful.

So my word for you this week is: Be a man or woman of your word - let your Yes be Yes and your No be No! Let your word hold ground, let it carry weight when spoken, let it speak for you, let it speak about you even when you are gone, let it be who you are, let it be your identity, let whoever you give it to trust in it, believe in it...There is a whole lot more to be said, but I'll let your lifestyle and conscience help with the rest.

Own your word✨
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