Week Inspiration: Accept Your Flaws

Society as it is believed and known shapes us - every single individual grow and is nurtured by the society; he or she belongs to or eventually moves to join another. Certainly true; society has helped us in million of ways, without it i doubt we as individuals will grow into social being, but just like everything has it's positive and negative aspect, the same applies here too.

I don't know if it's because of the fact that we come from different backgrounds who have seperate beliefs, dictates, values, etc; and what counts as beauty in a society may be seen as flaw in another. See like the tribal mark for example; some ethnic groups see it as a mark of identification and beauty while others see it as a dreadful flaw.

In societies right now, having flaws is like a really big disease; not even dents as little as small scars. It seems everywhere you go or turn to, you are being reminded of things that make you insecure about yourself. Flaws are cracks in our personality that not only prevents a person from being outstanding in a certain area, but if not properly dealt with, will derail one’s entire life or purpose no matter how gifted or successful it may be.

The truth is these little quirks, physical scars, annoying habits and personal rituals that you just cannot seem to get rid of is what makes each person unique. I have a scar in my left leg that hindered me emotionally and physically for a long while but i learnt to deal with it and I've blossomed thereafter.

The first thing that you need to do when dealing with your flaws regardless of what it may be is to accept it has part of who you are. Again, remember that these dents are the things that make each individual unique, so you might as well accept it. But then there are those things you cannot change; What can you do about those stubborn buggers that are immune to positive action? What can you do about those big screw-ups you can't fix, or the physical features you can't change, or the past regrets that are over and done?

No one is perfect at all, every single human on this planet earth has something that makes them insecure and also make them lose confidence. But I am here now to tell you all and myself, to embrace your flaws. Be flawless in your flaws be it physically or mental. Find yourself, ignore remarks and hurtful stamps, know who you are and love yourself regardless of your inabilities. Because in the end no one is you and no one is better than you are.

Stay flawless💞
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